Spotted Cow & Lydian

Spotted Cow

Pastor Dees had the opportunity to study in Oxford, England while earning his master’s degree and PhD. One of his favorite post-class hangouts was a pub called Turf Tavern. Turf Tavern is the oldest pub in Oxford  and people from all over the world, representing a number of worldviews, meet there every afternoon and evening to eat, drink and talk.  It was thrilling for Jason to visit as a Christian and think through some of the most pressing issues of our day with people who approached those issues from massively different perspectives.  From 960 AD until 1842 AD Turf Tavern was known as “The Spotted Cow.”

At Christ Covenant, we have tried to recreate this intimate, intellectual setting with a “Spotted Cow” of our own where men with different worldviews can come together to talk about the pressing issues of our day.  This men’s only gathering is held at the Dees’ house and always includes smoked meat, fire and lively discussion.

The Lydian

Similarly, Christ Covenant hosts an event for ladies called THe Lydian. The Lydian is named for Lydia, an educated and professional woman of Philippi, who was converted to faith in Christ under the ministry of Paul.  At The Lydian, thoughtful women come together to discuss how the Christian worldview informs the way we ought to think about particular issues and how Christianity interacts with other worldviews.  A regular meeting spot and food fare is yet to be determined, but will certainly be a part of these special evenings.

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